MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Teardown

Written By: Miroslav Djuric

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We got our hands on a MacBook Pro 13" Unibody and decided to compare it to a MacBook Unibody -- from the inside! Follow us on Twitter to get all the latest updates as we're doing the teardown!

  • Step 1
    • This just in: the new MacBook Pro 13" Unibody!
    • We'll be comparing it to the MacBook Unibody throughout the teardown.
    • We have a feeling it will be very similar in most regards.
    • Check out our MacBook Unibody repair guides if you'd like to answer any of your repair-related questions!
    • Would you like to write teardowns like this? Show the world what's inside your gadgets with our new user-contributed teardown platform!
  • Step 2
    • Contents of the box:
    • User's manual
    • Restore DVDs
    • 60-watt AC adapter
    • AC adapter extension cable
    • Cleaning cloth
    • No video adapter, as usual.
  • Step 3
    • Some comparisons to the MacBook Unibody:
    • No access door for the battery on the bottom.
    • The addition of an SD card slot (and the omission of digital/mic port) is readily apparent.
    • FireWire is back!
    • Computer lock is now on the other side.
    • The SD card sticks out almost .5"! This is a cheeseball design for a MacBook "Pro" if you ask us.
  • Step 4
    • Let's get down to business.
    • There's no door latch, going along with the "not user-serviceable battery" theme.
    • We had to dig out a Phillips screwdriver for this step.
    • A quick flip of the lid and...
  • Step 5
    • ...It's almost exactly the same as our old, "lesser" MacBook Unibody.
    • The battery compartment is identical to the one we uncovered in the MacBook Pro 17" Teardown. We'll venture a guess that it looks the same in the updated 15" Pro as well.
    • Remove two tri-wing screws and the battery is suddenly replaceable. The sticker comes right off, just as in the 17" Pro -- because it's adhered to just the battery and midwall, not to the optical drive.
  • Step 6
    • 7-hour battery specifications:
    • Model A1322
    • 10.95V
    • 60Wh
    • "This battery contains no mercury (Hg)."
    • When working on all machines that have internal batteries, disconnect the battery first to cut off power to the entire device.
    • Apple does offer battery replacement service for $129. If you're not near an Apple Store or service provider, you'll be without your machine 3-4 business days.
    • Although the batteries look similar, they're definitely not interchangeable. The MacBook Pro's battery is too large (and different in shape) to fit into the older MacBook Unibody.
  • Step 7
    • Removing the hard drive...
    • It's still considered user-replaceable by Apple, but replacement does require removing 10 more screws than on the MacBook Unibody.
    • First thing we'd do is replace the 160 GB Hitachi with something more meaty.
  • Step 8
    • The subwoofer comes off after removing two screws.
  • Step 9
    • The optical drive is attached via three Phillips screws.
    • The brackets and screw layout are identical to the older MacBook Unibody.
  • Step 10
    • Removing the optical drive exposes the right speaker.
    • It's held in place by adhesive. A quick pry with the spudger will loosen it.
  • Step 11
    • A connector, three Phillips screws, and bam -- the fan's out!
  • Step 12
    • Disconnect the LVDS connector.
    • Remove 7 motherboard screws.
    • Remove 2 DC-in screws.
    • Disconnect trackpad, keyboard, and battery level indicator cables.
    • Remove LVDS cable retaining bracket.
    • And the logic board is almost out...
  • Step 13
    • Pop out the microphone from its cave.
    • The logic board is finally free!
  • Step 14
    • A couple of images of the logic board, before we strip it naked...
    • Like the MacBook Unibody, the heat sink comes out along with the logic board.
  • Step 15
    • Both sides of the logic board.
    • Hi-res pictures of the front and back.
    • Not for the faint of heart -- full-size images (5 MB a pop!): front and back.
  • Step 16
    • And here's the whole enchilada for you to enjoy.

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