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Cool nerd squad has everything you need for you next video project.

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Communication is key—and we are a team of excellent communicators.

Connect to your target audience with marketing. Interacting with your client base in a way that informs, engages, and builds positive brand reputation is easy when you have Cool Nerd Squad on your side.

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App Development

Why do customers love mobile apps? They make life simple.

Product discounts, updates, new features, and more can reach your customers effortlessly through mobile app notifications. Create customer loyalty by keeping them in the know. Increase the visibility of your brand by making sure you stay top of mind.

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Marketing Services

  • SEO Services
  • SSL Certificate
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • Web Virus fix
  • Business Analysis
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Google Maps
  • And More…
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Marketing is all about brand growth—and so are we. Boost your sales by increasing where and how you are being seen. We recognize that there is no one size fits all strategy for brand promotion. With Cool Nerd Squad, we take your specific wants, needs, and goals into account to generate a marketing plan that is true to your brand’s vision.

Let’s get social. Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Why? Simple. Your customers are there. Meaningful campaigns, sophisticated audience targeting, lead generation, and brand awareness is just the beginning of what your brand can achieve. Limits? What are those, anyway?

It’s always nice to know that you have choices. We offer a wide variety of digital and traditional marketing services so you can go in the direction that best aligns with your customers. Make Your brand’s personality consistent and form authentic connections. Aim high. Choose marketing.

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At Last Some Nerds who make sense

We know how it goes, you call a web company to help you make a mark in the digital space and all they do is provide overpriced and outdated solutions. The Cool Nerd Squad is here to change that!

Utilizing the latest tech, we’re offering everything ranging from high end custom web design to editing YouTube videos for small and medium businesses, our goal is to work with you to get out there and conquer the digital space.

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Our Nerds utilize the latest technology and software tools in our development process to drive your business forward through web Development and Design.

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